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Yoga Exercise & Relaxation Classes in Hemel Hempstead

Yoga exercise combines postures, breathing techniques & relaxation to improve fitness, strength & flexibility, but also to enhance mental well-being. An important way in which to look after ourselves & our bodies in our often hectic lifestyles.

Lower blood pressure

Improve Mood & Reduce stress

Increase flexibility

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness & Health

Yoga can help:

 Course Description



Low Impact Yoga - On request, min. 10 partipants

In this course you will learn various breathing and pranayama exercises that are beneficial for general health, detoxing, raising energy levels, relieving stress and ensuring that your breathe flows more freely through the main energy points (chakras).  You will also learn yogic stretches and the basic asanas (postures), learning how to breathe effectively to assist you with the movements. Downward Facing Dog, Warrior and Bridge are just some of the postures you will practice,  based on 3000 year old traditions from India.  Each posture is designed to release tensions (blockages) in your body/mind system.  With regular practice, you will achieve improved flexibility, body strength, tone, better posture and excellent health in body, mind and spirit.  You will also do a guided relaxation (yoga nidra) at the end of sessions, for release of tension and total relaxation.

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Information for Students

What should I wear?

What should I bring?

Can I join part way through a course?

Yes, please let the tutor know of any needs/injuries/health issues that will help her plan the classes.

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Light slippers/ballet shoes are recommended or bare foot/socks. No trainers or heavy shoes.

It is advisable to bring a bottle of water.

Please bring 1 form of ID to the first class you attend.

Current & Upcoming Courses

~ All proceeds from courses go back to charity ~

Our yoga instructor, Jignasa Odedra,  is a member of the Dacorum Indian Society. More details on their work can be found on their website.

This course is not currently running. To add your details to the waiting list please contact us