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Swimming is an excellent way to keep fit. It is a very low impact exercise, which means there is minimal stress on the bones and joints.

General strength

Control weight

Lower blood pressure

Cardiovascular fitness


Reduce stress

Muscle/joint pains (low impact exercise)

Swimming can help:

Autumn 2017

Swimming Hemel Hempstead

Aquarobics - Women-Only

Lifeguard Refresher Course - Women Only


Women-Only Aquarobics in Hemel Hempstead

There are no current/upcoming courses planned

To request this course or put your details on our waiting list, please contact us via our

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Women-Only Lifeguard Course

Current & Upcoming Courses

~ All proceeds from courses go back to charity ~


~Beginners and intermediate lessons; and casual

     swims for female and girls 5yrs​


~Qualified teachers, NPQL fully trained female lifeguards​

Coming soon

Women Only Swimming


Coming soon