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Tracey Harper is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist. To find out more about Tracey and her work, visit her website:

Cookery & Nutrition

Nutrition, Healthy Cookery & world Cookery Courses in Hemel Hempstead


Blood Sugar



Energy Levels

This course can help you learn to manage:

~ All proceeds from courses go back to charity ~

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Each session, the tutor will focus on a different food group - fats, carbohydrates, proteins. You will learn the types of foods which fall into the various groups, their nutritional importance and which types of food to avoid in quantity or to add to your diet for various benefits. In the final session, you will learn how to balance the intake of these different groups in order to balance blood sugar and why this is important.


The cost of all ingredients is included in the course fee.

~ Please inform us of any allergies or special dietary requirements when booking ~

Learn to cook healthy, delicious food whilst learning about nutrition.

All ingredients are brought by the tutor as well as containers for you to take home what you cook!

This course is not currently running. To request this course please contact us