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Which level am I?



Pre - Intermediate



What Should I Bring?

How Do I Book?

  • Passport for indentification purposes

  • £60 registration fee

  • A notebook

  • Use the info above and our timetable to choose which class is right for you. Then call us or send us an email! 

  • Once there, you will be given some exercises to ascertain whether the class is right for you.  

  • Don't worry if it's not, our tutors are lovely friendly people who will help point you in the right direction.

10-week English Courses for Speakers of Other Language in Hemel Hempstead and Stevenage

Welcome to English!

Private tuition is by request and dependent on tutor availability. We provide a free venue or often meet in local coffee shops etc (where you may practice what you have learned!) or tutors may be able to come to your home. To request more information or book a private tutor, please click here:

1 to 1 tuition costs £26/hr

1 to 2 tuition costs £36/hr (£18 per person)

1 to 3 tuition costs £45/hr (£15 per person)

1 to 4 tuition costs £48/hr (£12 per person)

1 to 5 or more tuition costs £50/hr (£10 per person)



Contact Us

The levels on this timetable may change depending on the level of most learners who attend the class. Any changes will be published here.



To book your place call us

01442 253935


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£60 for 10 weeks course

What do I learn?

  • Classes include Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing and focus on English needed for everyday life.  

  • Topics include: Finding Work, Talking to Friends, Talking to Your Child's School, Shopping.

  • Learn about British culture and values and share your own.

How much does it cost?

~All proceeds from courses go back to charity~

Summer (May-July) 2017 Timetable

Courses normally cost £180 plus a £60 registration fee. We fund the £180 so you only need to pay

British Butterflyu British Butterflyu British Butterflyu

the registration fee £ 60 !

British Butterflyu

You know the alphabet, can say 'Hello' & 'Goodbye', answer questions about your name, age & where you come from with simple/one-word answers.

You can say hello & ask people how they are, answer questions about & your life, with longer ('No, I don't', 'Yes, sometimes'), ask questions about other people and their lives.

You can use different questions to ask people how they are, answer questions about your life & things you have done in the past / things you will do in the future & give some reasons. You can talk about people you know & their lives, ask people about their lives.

You can talk about how life in your country is difference from life in Britain, give a lot of detail about your life & talk about your experiences & the things you want in the future. You can talk in most situations, but would like more vocabulary & more grammar.

You are confident about your English in most situations, but would like to learn more about life in Britain (eg. UK Law, British history, etc) & about speaking and understanding natural British English, with support for the new or challenging vocabulary & grammar.