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Classical Indian Dance Hemel Hemptead

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Bharatanatyam is a classical Indian dance form originating primarily from Tamilnadu and southern India, although exponents have exported the artform all around India and the world. This art prospered particularly in the Tanjore district of Tamilnadu, under the patronage of the royal court in the 17th century.


The style incorporates all three aspects of Indian dance: nrtta (abstract, pure & rhythmic), nrtya (expressive, rhythmic & narrative), and natya (pure storytelling, a combination of song & dance). The performance ends with tillana, a purely rhythmic coda designed to showcase the dancer's mastery of complex rhythms. The dancer wears a silk sari, usually decorated with gold, and her feet are bare, although bells are worn around the ankle.

The emphasis in the choreography is on the upper body. The style is distinguished by its low centre of gravity, its rhythmic footwork, its straight spine, and its extensive vocabulary of hand gestures which carry dramatic meaning. The face is also used for expressive purposes, with the eyes, nose, and mouth all possessing their own specific choreographic language.


The story...

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Information for Students

What should I wear?

Can I join part-way through a course?

Do I have to show my belly?

Yes, please contact us to let us know you will be joining and to let us know of any needs/injuries/health issues that will help the tutor plan the classes.

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Light slippers/ballet shoes are recommended or bare foot/socks. No trainers or heavy shoes.

No. It is useful to wear a top that shows belly/hip movements such as a vest top or a short top, but this is completely optional. The tutor will be wearing a short top for students to see movements more clearly.

What should I bring?

It is advisable to bring a bottle of water, this can be refilled at the venue.

Please bring 1 form of ID to the first class you attend.

Learning something new is more fun when shared, and as the first class is also free, bring a friend!

~ All proceeds from courses go back to charity ~

Current & Upcoming Courses September 2012

~ All proceeds from courses go back to charity ~

Current & Upcoming Courses September 2012

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 Course Description



In this course you will learn the basics of how to handle a chiffon veil to create movements that compliment your dance. In the final 2 weeks, you will be introduced to using a silk veil and will learn a short choreography based on the moves you have learned. This short-course will also cover some basic Belly Dance moves for those who are completely new to Belly Dance, but will focus on graceful veil teachnique and flowing movement.

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