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Belly Dance

Belly Dance Classes in Hemel Hempstead

Belly Dance is a beautiful, feminine art form derived from traditional Eastern dances from North Africa and the Middle East. The main principles are muscle control and grace and like most exercise, there are many health benefits.

Lower blood pressure

Reduce stress

Control weight

Tone stomach, waist, buttocks & thighs

Increase fitness

Muscle/joint pains (low impact exercise)

Boost Self-Esteem

Belly Dance can help:

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Information for Students

What should I wear?

Can I join part-way through a course?

Do I have to show my belly?

Yes. Anyone can join up to week 5. In week 5 we begin the choreography, so students wishing to join after week 5, please contact us. If you have significant dance experience, you may still be able to join. please contact us to let us know you will be joining and to let us know of any needs/injuries/health issues that will help the tutor plan the classes.

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Light slippers/ballet shoes are recommended or bare foot/socks. No trainers or heavy shoes.

No. It is useful to wear a top that shows belly/hip movements such as a vest top or a short top, but this is completely optional. The tutor will be wearing a short top for students to see movements more clearly.

What should I bring?

It is advisable to bring a bottle of water, this can be refilled at the venue.

Please bring 1 form of ID to the first class you attend.

Learning something new is more fun when shared, so bring a friend!

See a video of 2 students performing at Dacorum Multicultural Evening 2012

From left to right: Kate, Shaddy and Helen. Drummer: Ant Hatcher from OAI

Current & Upcoming Courses

~ All proceeds from courses go back to charity ~

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See photos from classes & performances



All levels

This course comes with optional performances


 Course Description

In this course you will have the felxibility to follow and perfect various choreographies, or to choreograph something yourself. We will also work on stage persona and confidence and there will be an optional performance opportunities at our end of year show in July. You will have the option of using props such as veils or fanveils and can choose your own music to choreograph to from any style.